Patrol Corners

Welcome to patrol corners, here you can see each patrol in our troop and in our sister troop. Each patrol has different strengths and tastes, come meet each one and pick the one you like.


We are the Shark Bait Patrol. We enjoy fishing, cooking, poker, and much much more. Fun fact, our patrol makes up 50% of the PLC, and we are also the largest patrol consisting of 7 people... Conor Sir!, the patrol leader, Andrew, Keithan, Nacho, Wyatt, Danny, and Phoenix. And that’s pretty much the basics of our patrol.


We are bull patrol, we consist of Anthony, Ian, Jayce, Keagan, Elliot, Haydn, and Braylon. We like cooking and eating good food. We like messing around. We prefer to do our tasks efficiently and save time to have extra free time.


We are the curly crew. None of us are curly. Our patrol is pretty small. By far we are not burly. We yell and yell all day and night. All around the campfire light. We cook good food in freezing camps. Though all of the patrols are good, we are the champs.